Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to School

By now everyone with children have welcomed the new school year.  We homeschool and heralded the return of school close to 4 weeks ago.  The children have jumped in full force as we started a new curriculum that engages all the children at once learning about the same thing each week.  All lessons have age appropriate activities to drive home the lessons being taught.  I love that my children are so enthusiastic about school this year.  They have even asked to do more work when all there lessons are done.  They are all so eager to learn.  While I'm glad school has started, it is not for the same reason as others.

I have heard the excitement of the return of school from both other children and adults.  While I know this does not pertain to all parents, but I am saddened at the excitement from the parents.  I've never paid attention until this year, but have noticed a great number of parents so happy to get their children out of the house.  How disgusting!  Is that what back to school has become?  What kind of parent longs to rid their home of the blessings that God has given them.  Should we not cherish them and be glad for all the time we have been allowed to spend with them over the summer.  They will grow and age and be out of the home before we know.  If your child sees or  hears your comments that you're glad they are going back to school so you can get some peace and quiet, how do you think that makes them feel.  Mom and dad must not like me too much, they can't stand to have me around during the day.  If I had ever heard that from my parents I would have hated school and my parents.

Again, I know this is not how all parents feel.  To the parents that do think like this though, please get excited that school is starting because it is the next chapter in the story of their life.  Get excited for every part of school.  Excited that you get to help them work through math problems, essays, science fair projects and the like.  Your positive excitement can help make their teacher's job easier to deal with the child whose parents are only happy to get rid of their children and have the school babysit. 

May God bless and keep you and your families safe this school year, in Jesus' name.


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